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Content Discrimination: Staying Relevant and True to Your Business Model

Have you ever been a victim of writers cramp? Running into a creative dead end leaving you wondering, contemplating what to write about. I have. Every writer faces it, from Steven King too the single mother who blogs about her life’s struggles. Sometimes those creative juices flow and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes its difficult to get the first sentence onto paper. Knowing what to write about and to share with your audience is tough. The internet is cluttered with billions of messages and material to read, most of it is crap while some of it isn’t. I have been facing a creative blockade lately not knowing what I should blog about and share with you all. I would rather not blog for a month then to blog about something irrelevant and uninteresting. Sometimes you have to go against the flock and right original content and show some selectivity on subject manner. Sometimes you have to discriminate and tell yourself that you will not right about what everyone else is writing about. I have been updating more on my Facebook then on Twitter or blogging. On my Facebook page: I post relevant information on local wine events and wine facts that I find interesting and relevant to my audience.  I try to post a few times per week but plan on posting everyday.